All the Best Art Shows to See This Weekend in Denver

Jun 20, 2024

What’s new in Denver’s art scene as summer officially begins? Standouts include new outdoor public artworks recently raised in Hogan Park, an essential piece of Aurora Highlands, a growing planned community out on the plains; art photography by hair-designing genius Charlie Price; cool new glass art by Maria Sheets at Core Gallery; and a twenty-foot-tall, hand-woven willow branch sculpture at the Denver Art Museum.

The don’t-miss of the week, however, is Donald Fodness’s art exhibition and curation project double-header at the Evans School on Saturday, June 22. Mark that in your calendar now, and the rest will follow.

Public Art at Hogan Park
Hogan Park, 24495 East 35th Drive, Highlands Creek, Aurora
Way up in the far northeast corner of Aurora, just past E-470, Aurora Highlands is rising on the prairie as a new suburban model of mixed housing and community focal points, including schools, amenities and a playground with a children’s carousel. Hogan Park, a 100-acre open space along Highlands Creek envisioned by Aurora Highlands visionary Carla Ferreira, could well be the burgeoning development’s centerpiece. A meandering outdoor art museum and recreation center with public art spaced out along the trail, Hogan Park will also eventually boast open-air performance spaces, climbing walls, a zip line, pollinator gardens and other attractions.

The most recent park artworks to be dedicated include a collaboration between American neon artist Olivia Steele and Berlin-based graffiti artist and muralist Snyder, “The Only Way Out Is Through,” which brings light while passing under a bridge, and Belgian artist Michael Benisty’s “Broken but Together,” a monumental mirrored stainless-steel sculpture of a couple that would be right at home on the Burning Man playa. Also along the trail, hikers will find Umi, a Gaia-themed monumental work by South African artist Daniel Popper that was unveiled last summer. Umi drew national attention, bringing visitors to the park from across the country. If you go, use this handy map to find these and other art installations in Hogan Park.

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