Art in the Park at Hogan Park at Highlands Creek

We invite you to explore the region’s newest Art Walk experience.
Throughout the 2-mile length of Hogan Park at Highlands Creek, more than 20 installations have been thoughtfully curated and will be installed over the next several years to be a part of a permanent collection that is available to the public to view. Art in the Park encourages creativity, sustainability, positivity, community and hopes to inspire future generations.


Over the last 10 years Brown has created works that can be found in private, commercial, and public art collections in over 25 states and 3 countries. He continues to push outside the box by working with collectors and curators to create innovative design solutions in a variety of formats ranging from small-scale works to monumental public art installations. With emphasis on movement, elegance, space-activation and balance, Brown’s sculptures explore the potential for expressive variety in steel. Each of his designs aim to provide a unique spatial experience for its visitors, while also contributing to the visual identity of a place and catalyzing community engagement.

Hunter’s first sculpture in The Aurora Highlands is “Life Blood.”

This sculpture’s twisting, ribbon-like forms embrace a large reflective sphere that represents our world and the communities we live in. The forms in this design appear to be lifting the sphere upward in the sky in a prevailing fashion, reflecting our relationships in our communities and in our world. There is strength in unity, working together, and a collective journey for the greater good. In a year of trials, pandemic and division, this is more important now than ever.
Hunter Brown


Olivia Steele is a contemporary artist who has earned an international reputation for her spirited public designs at art events and festivals such as ART Biesenthal, Scope Miami, Burning Man and Lightning in a Bottle. Her art is collected and displayed globally in places such as Mongolia, Berlin, Los Angeles, Tulum, Mexico City, Bali and Colorado. Her statements suspend time and motion; within her Art are words of affirmation which have the power to change one’s mindset and entire day for the more positive. The interpretable phrases inhabit spaces of contradictory, confrontational or conciliatory meaning. These pieces of art crystallize the unity between landscape, semiotics and emotion that invites a myriad of avenues for contemplation.

I believe that the beauty of my art is that it is for everyone, and it’s an invitation to ask the observer to think and feel…Bringing art to the community is what I live for, and nothing gives me more pleasure than to bring it to suburban areas, rural environments, and into nature. It is a great honor that I’m one of the first artists to come and start planting the seeds of what is to become a truly impressive and inspiring art contribution to The Aurora Highlands.
Olivia Steele