Recreational Amenities

Recreational amenities at The Aurora Highlands will include an Winged Melody Park, Beach Club and Ice and Recreation Center.

Winged Melody Park – Now Open

Welcome to Winged Melody Park at The Aurora Highlands! Our venue features an event stage for live music, a delightful carousel, a colorful playground, and an enchanting garden. Our meticulously designed space is the ideal spot for all kinds of gatherings and celebrations.

Beach Club – Coming Memorial Day Weekend 2025

Discover a water wonderland like no other at The Aurora Highlands Beach Club, where adventure meets relaxation in a captivating setting. Whether it’s the hot summer sun or the chill of winter, you can dive into the fun with our indoor and outdoor pools, featuring thrilling amenities and picturesque views for an unforgettable experience. Click here to learn more.

Future Ice & Recreation Center

The Ice and Recreation Center is in the planning and approval phase. A hockey rink, basketball court, climbing wall, and other amenities are planned for this facility.