New Art Installations Illuminate The Aurora Highlands: A Celebration of Resilience and Unity

Jun 4, 2024

The master-planned community’s acclaimed public art park welcomes a powerful neon and graffiti-art mural and striking 25-foot-tall sculpture installed by three internationally recognized artists.


AURORA, Colo. (June 4, 2024) – The Aurora Highlands is proud to unveil two monumental additions to its renowned public art park, Hogan Park at Highlands Creek. Last week, the park welcomed a captivating mural titled, “The Only Way Out is Through X SNYDER,” created by American contemporary artist Olivia Steele and Berlin-based graffiti artist SNYDER. Alongside this mural, a stunning 25-foot-tall sculpture titled “Broken but Together” by Belgian contemporary artist Michael Benisty has also been installed. Benisty specializes in creating art from mirrored polished stainless steel, making this new installation a breathtaking addition to the community’s award-winning Art in the Park program with a reflection that can be seen from afar.

Installed between May 27 and 31, “The Only Way Out is Through X Snyder” is a dynamic collaboration featuring Steele’s signature neon sign art paired with SNYDER’s impactful street art. The neon sign, displaying the Robert Frost quote “The Only Way Out is Through,” illuminates a graffiti mural of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Located within one of the park’s walking tunnels, this installation casts a luminous glow on the backdrop at all hours of the day and night, symbolizing resilience and hope.

“This mural represents the journey through difficult times, reminding everyone that perseverance is key,” said Steele, who also created the park’s inaugural “Public Displays of Awareness” art installations. “Art has the power to convey profound messages, and I am honored to contribute to this project. It’s about inspiring people to keep going, no matter how tough things get.”

“The phoenix is a universal symbol of rebirth and renewal,” SNYDER added. “It’s about finding strength in adversity and coming out stronger on the other side. I hope this piece encourages people to see the potential for new beginnings in every challenge they face.”

The second installation, “Broken but Together” by Michael Benisty, is a 25-foot-tall sculpture crafted from mirrored polished steel, depicting two figures in an embrace. This magnificent piece embodies unity and healing, towers over the park, reflecting light on its surroundings to symbolize the interconnectedness of the community.

“I have a passion for creating art that not only spreads positivity but also becomes a community gathering space,” Benisty said. “When approached to contribute to The Aurora Highlands’ art park, I was thrilled to create a piece that can be seen from far and wide and depicts a message of togetherness, bringing people from all walks of life to appreciate the beauty of art.”

All the park’s permanent art installations were commissioned by Carla Ferreira, principal and director of onsite development at The Aurora Highlands. With a rich background working in art galleries across the country, she prides herself on bringing world-renowned art to The Aurora Highlands and Colorado as a whole, making it accessible to all.

“Every installation within Hogan Park at Highlands Creek highlights themes of perseverance and unity, resonating deeply with our community’s values,” Ferreira said. “Public art like this not only beautifies our surroundings but also enriches our lives by provoking thought and emotion. It’s a testament to our commitment to creating a space where art and community flourish together.”

The park’s new mural and sculpture join dozens of permanent art installations within the public park. This year, The Aurora Highlands also welcomed a bronze statue by artists Gillie and Marc depicting Colorado’s first Black female doctor, Dr. Justina Ford. Last year, the park’s Umi installation by artist Daniel Popper, a 21-foot-tall statue of a woman holding her womb, went viral, drawing visitors from around the country.

Hogan Park at Highlands Creek’s Art in the Park program has recently received several prestigious awards, including the Gold Award at the National Association of Home Builders awards and recognition from the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts. These accolades highlight the park’s innovative approach to integrating public art and community development, further establishing it as a premier cultural destination,

Visitors are welcome to explore the new sculptures at any time. Take a stroll through Hogan Park at Highlands Creek to see all the pieces or find their individual geotags on Google Maps. Visitors can also find an interactive map highlighting all the park’s art on The Aurora Highlands’ app by searching “The Aurora Highlands” in the Apple Store or Google Play.

About The Aurora Highlands

Located between the mountains and the plains, The Aurora Highlands 4,000-acre master planned community expands the metro area to the east near DIA. The community features every category of housing from attached to multi-family to single-family residences, providing people with more than 12,500 housing units. The community also incorporates Colorado’s active lifestyle with recreation centers and over 21 miles of trails, 12 neighborhood parks and 20 pocket parks. Hogan Park at Highlands Creek in particular will feature public art installations, performance plazas, climbing walls, a zip line, embankment slides and gardens in its nearly 100-acre space. Aurora Public Schools will also build four new schools in the community, the first of which will open for the 2023-2024 school year. For more information about The Aurora Highlands, please visit www.theaurorahighlands.com  or call the Visitor Center at 720-356-0123. View the community’s media kit here.

About Olivia Steele

Olivia Steele is a contemporary artist who has earned an international reputation for her spirited public designs at festivals like Burning Man. Her statements suspend time and motion. The interpretable phrases inhabit spaces of contradictory, confrontational or conciliatory meaning. These pieces of art crystallize the unity between landscape, semiotics and spectacle that engenders myriad avenues for contemplation. To learn more about Olivia Steele, you can visit her website.


A Berlin-based artist who is known under the pseudonym SNYDER uses his background in architecture and a passion for style writing to create unique works of art that blend majestic harmony with iridescent power. His art often depicts endangered animal species, rendered with soulful depth on various media using a spray can. Incorporating chromatic aberrations and blue hues, SNYDER challenges modern visual perception, urging viewers to look beyond digital screens and reconnect with the natural world. His urban-adapted animal motifs captivate and draw in passers-by, encouraging a return to instinctive perceptual behavior. To learn more, you can visit his LinkTree.

About Michael Benisty

Michael Benisty is a sculptor and digital artist renowned for his large-scale sculptures showcased in otherworldly places like Burning Man and beyond. Starting his artistic journey with a dream of making a global impact, Michael has seen his creations evolve into inspiring community spaces that foster connection and imagination. His mission as an artist is to push boundaries and spread positivity through his transformative work. Learn more about Benisty on his website.


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