The Aurora Highlands Taps Contemporary International Artist Olivia Steele for 13 Public Displays of Awareness

Jun 10, 2022

WHAT: The Aurora Highlands, a 4,000-acre residential master-planned-community, has hired Berlin-based artist Olivia Steele to create 13 public displays of awareness throughout the community. 

WHY: Art and words of affirmation have the power to change your mindset and your entire day. The Aurora Highlands wanted to inspire its residents through public art installations that create an emotional connection. Imagine, you’ve had a rough day and head out for a walk. On your walk you come across a sign that reads, “As I cross this threshold I leave all that does not serve me behind.” This short sentence makes you stop and think and by the time you return home, your entire mindset has shifted.

WHERE: The Aurora Highlands (3900 E470 Beltway, Aurora CO 80019)

WHEN: June 16 from 12:00 to 8:00 p.m. and June 17 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

HOW: Olivia Steele will install 13 fluorescent reflective vinyl signs throughout the community. These signs will range in size from 36 x 36 inches to 53 x 78 inches.

WHO: Olivia Steele is a contemporary artist who has earned an international reputation for her spirited public designs at festivals like Burning Man. Her statements suspend time and motion. The interpretable phrases inhabit spaces of contradictory, confrontational or conciliatory meaning. These pieces of art crystallize the unity between landscape, semiotics and spectacle that engenders myriad avenues for contemplation. To learn more about Olivia Steele visit http://www.oliviasteele.com.

CONTACT: Alex Weissner



Taylor Shields
Prim + Co