Keeping you connected to our community is our passion. It’s what drives us to dream, design, and build the most distinctive master-planned community in our region.

Live From The Aurora Highlands, our live series launched in June 2020, is first-ever, in-depth look at a new home being built in The Aurora Highlands.

Each Tuesday we featured real-time progress of our community being built.

Each Thursday, we followed a first-time homebuying couple as they built their Richmond American home. We watch as they  followed the construction of their new home from selecting their homesites and home plan, to construction to move in. Our behind-the-scenes camera follows them as go through the process to select their design choices on everything from exterior finishes to interior selections like lighting, fixtures, flooring and cabinets.

Watch our recaps or watch each episode in order. Either way its a fascinating journey. 


Dream Home Thursdays | Recap


Construction Tuesdays | Recap


Dream Home Thursdays | Episode 8


Construction Tuesdays | Episode 8


Dream Home Thursdays | Episode 7


Construction Tuesdays | Episode 7


Dream Home Thursdays | Episode 6


Construction Tuesdays | Episode 6


Dream Home Thursdays | Episode 5


Construction Tuesdays | Episode 5


Dream Home Thursdays | Episode 4


Construction Tuesdays | Episode 4


Dream Home Thursdays | Episode 3


Construction Tuesdays | Episode 3


Dream Home Thursdays | Episode 2


Construction Tuesdays | Episode 2


Dream Home Thursdays | Episode 1


Construction Tuesdays | Episode 1


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