City Of Aurora’s Late Mayor Steve Hogan Honored During Commemorative Plaque Unveiling Ceremony

May 17, 2021

Colorado’s political and business leaders gathered to celebrate the bi-partisanship support of the Aerotropolis Regional Transportation Authority

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DENVER (May 17, 2021) – Representatives from the City of Aurora, Adams County and the Aerotropolis Area Coordinating Metropolitan District gathered at the entrance of The Aurora Highlands to unveil commemorative plaques celebrating the continued progress of the Aerotropolis Regional Transportation Authority (ARTA) and to honor the late Mayor Steve Hogan.

Mayor Hogan served Aurora from 1974 until his passing in 2018, including six terms on the Aurora City Council and being elected Mayor in 2011. Mayor Hogan was a driving force for Aurora’s long-term commitment to capital projects and focused on bolstering infrastructure and improving transportation to provide greater access and mobility throughout the area. Mayor Hogan’s vision to create lasting economic opportunities for both current and future residents has continued thanks to the work of Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman, the Aurora City Council and the Adams County commissioners both past and present.

“What an amazing testimony to the vision that Carlo and Carla had that we are here today as well as to the vision of late Mayor Hogan who’s smiling down on us today and I know his family is here,” said Governor Jared Polis. “It really takes a leap of faith for all involved to envision something out of nothing and what Colorado needs the most right now is housing. And, of course, the foundation of this project is infrastructure and these investments are a big catalyst for creating a good economy for Aurora but also for the broader region.”

The ceremony featured remarks from Colorado State Governor Jared Polis, City of Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman, Aerotropolis Regional Transportation Authority (ARTA) Chairperson Matt Hopper, ARTA Board Member and Aurora City Councilperson Nicole Johnston, ARTA Board Member and Aurora City Councilperson Dave Gruber, ARTA Board Member and Adams County Commissioner Steve O’Dorisio, and Former Mayor of the City of Aurora Bob LeGare.

The speakers came together to honor the Governor, present and preceding members of the Aurora City Council, Adams County Commissioners, and Aerotropolis Area Coordinating Metropolitan District (AACMD) for the formation of the bipartisan, inter-government, public-private Aerotropolis Regional Transportation Authority (ARTA). This collaboration is a strong example of what is possible when we work together for the betterment of a community with allegiance to public service not restricted by competitive boundaries, parties or jurisdictions.

“Mayor Hogan’s vision, experience, and ability to bring people together resulted in a successful project that people and the regional economy will rely on for decades to come,” said Mayor Mike Coffman. “Today marks 3 years since his passing, and everywhere you look in Aurora you can see his influence. You can see his imprint and the resulting growth continuing at this very moment. Mayor Hogan’s spirit of collaboration and serving the public lives on in ARTA. May our collective efforts live up to the standard set by one of Aurora’s most dedicated leaders, the late Mayor Hogan.”

The event was hosted by The Aurora Highlands father and daughter development team, Carlo & Carla Ferreira. The plaques can be found at the 110-foot clock tower, which will serve as the cornerstone of The Aurora Highlands: a 3,700-acre master-planned community made possible thanks to Mayor Hogan’s vision and ARTA’s continuing progress. Upon completion, The Aurora Highlands will to be one of the Denver metro region’s largest mix-used, master planned communities with 4 schools, 21 miles of trails and 500 acres of parks and open space.

“The 21,000 or 22,000 acres that’s referred to as the aerotropolis and the overall economic benefit to the region is a multiple of those 22,000 acres,” said Carlo Ferreira, Managing Director of The Aurora Highlands. “We occupy 4,000 acres which is the fiscal and physical foundation for the regional transportation authority. The growth we’re going to create here will help build and sustain the 500 million infrastructure.”


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